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1. ABC Letters in the Library
A single lovingly written, playfully illustrated book introduces children to both the alphabet and the library. Itís the A B Cís for Bookworms to Be! What better place to introduce young ones to the alphabet than in the library? Whimsical illustrated letters come alive and spark young readersí imaginations. Lively poetic text is perfect for reading aloud! Authors prance down aisles alphabetically. Browsing bookworms read beautiful books. Children discover new worlds around every corner! Delightful drawings will develop their vocabulary. From humming computers to the snug story nook, every spot of the library is explored in this exhilarating, eye-popping, but most importantly educational book!
Rating: [7.80] Votes: [10] Hits: [1721] | Jul 5, 2008 | Add To Favorites

2. The Baseball Card
Last Sunday, for my birthday, Dad took me to a ball game at Yankee Stadium! A little boyís first trip to the ballpark is infused with the magic of old-time legends. Against the backdrop of fresh green turf and steamy hot dogs, his father tells him a story like no other about the unbeatable Babe Ruth. Jack Siemiatycki and Avi Slodovnick follow up The Hockey Card, their homage to hockey great Maurice The RocketĒ Richard, with a tribute to one of Major League Baseballís most captivating heroes.
Rating: [5.83] Votes: [6] Hits: [1509] | Jul 5, 2008 | Add To Favorites

3. I Can Be Anything Creative Activity Book
This book opens your child to new ideas about the power to create their life in a form that makes it fun and expands creativity. The authors understand children and have created an activity book that brings children and parents together to explore possibilities through fun and cooperation. They have tapped into the deeper truth that we are powerful rather than helpless.
Rating: [7.75] Votes: [4] Hits: [1488] | Jul 5, 2008 | Add To Favorites


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