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16. Penguin's Special Christmas Tree
Penguin really wants to win Santa’s Best Tree Award, but he can’t think of anything special enough to go on the top of his Christmas tree. Penguin’s friend pitches in to help, and together they try all sorts of wacky ornaments, including a confused frog and an energetic monkey, but nothing works. Will this darling decorating duo find the perfect tree topper before Santa arrives? This quirky tree trimming adventure delivers a heart–warming message about friendship, teamwork, and the importance of never giving up.
Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [424] | Jul 2, 2008 | Add To Favorites

17. Chatterbox
A funny, spirited, and heart-felt bird’s tale about a lonely child who comes out of her shell when a very near-sighted, talking parakeet swoops into her life. Told in Dr. Suess-style rhyme, this story of a girl and her bird shows how very special the relationship between a pet and a child can be. As a special bonus, this book includes an audio CD reading o f the story, along with two special songs, read and sung by actress Brittney Murphy. Printed on premium paper and encased in a matte dust- jacket, the Chatterbox features watercolor and ink illustrations from renowned children’s book artist John Steven Gurney.
Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [410] | Jul 2, 2008 | Add To Favorites

18. Woodpecker Knocking
A song and story about a woodpecker trying to find something to eat.
Rating: [10.00] Votes: [1] Hits: [398] | Sep 14, 2008 | Add To Favorites

19. The Call of the Wild
This series features classic tales retold with attractive color illustrations. Educators using the Dale-Chall vocabulary system adapted each title. Each 70-page, softcover book retains key phrases and quotations from the original classics. Introduce literature to struggling readers. Students build confidence through reading practice. Motivation makes all of the difference. What’s more motivating than the expectation of success?
Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [396] | Jul 2, 2008 | Add To Favorites

20. The Square Book of Animals by William Nicholson
A simple introduction book of animals for young children.
Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [395] | Aug 17, 2009 | Add To Favorites

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